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Youth Justice Board

The creation of the Youth Justice Board was announced by the Minister for Corrective Services, the Hon. Joe Francis, in Parliament on 2 April 2014.

Board Members

The Board is chaired by Mr James McMahon, the Commissioner of the Department of Corrective Services.

The members of the Board are:

Terms of Reference - Youth Justice Board

  1. Oversee the work of a new, consolidated youth justice division within the Department of Corrective Services.
  2. Facilitate direct connections between the community, the non-government sector and the public sector. (This will enable the systematic engagement of stakeholders, innovative service design and delivery and the monitoring of the effectiveness of interventions.)
  3. Ensure continuous evaluation and improvement of matters such as the conditions of young people detained at Banksia Hill and the commission of new services.
  4. Promote stronger engagement with Aboriginal families and communities.

Youth Justice Reference Group

A Youth Justice Reference Group comprising of representatives from the public and not-for-profit sector has been established to advise the Youth Justice Services division. This reference group will support the Youth Justice Board through its Terms of Reference which are to:

  • Provide advice to the Youth Justice Services Division and the Youth Justice Board
  • Discuss issues to improve and coordinate outcomes for young people in terms of diversion, rehabilitation and reoffending
  • Identify and implement mechanisms, services and/or joint projects that enable government and non-government agencies, community organisations, businesses or individuals to assist in the continuum of services for young people in the youth justice system
  • Work together to achieve a reduction in offending, particularly by Aborigial offenders.

Page last updated: 23-Nov-2016